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The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong (TCI) is an organization that provides specialized instruction for qualifying students at THS on a 1:1 basis. More information found at “”

Harbour Village – Prep
The Grove – Grade 1 to 8
The Garden – Grade 9 to Grade 12


(for students age 11+)


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Copies of the previous two years reports/records must be provided. All reports must be translated in English.


Copies of the previous two years reports/records must be provided. All reports must be translated in English.

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At The Harbour School, we encourage parental involvement and hope that you will enjoy spending time at the school and being a part of our school community. THS has a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of which current families have automatic membership. Please note that your answers to the following questions will be sent to the PTA upon admission.

Supporting Documents

If your child is not currently residing in Hong Kong, please submit the following additional material, if your child has been in school before:
1. Independently completed writing sample/assignment from school
2. Name of math program used and sample of work from school
3. Titles of two books that your child enjoys reading independently, if applicable.

Applications will not be processed without all required supporting documents. Inaccurate or incomplete information in connection with this application may result in revocation of admission.

Date: Jun 05, 2020
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